Positivity where are you?

Gloomy skies overhead, misty rain, longing to be back home in my bed…then I realize I am giving this positive-thinking thing a try, I don’t have to perfect it right away. So I am giving myself a break.

I started this blog with the purpose of training myself how to be positive and 40, which means I was not positive before, and I’m not 40 yet, correct? Correct! So why am I pressuring myself to perfect positive-thinking in only a few short days? I couldn’t learn algebra in just a few short days, or Spanish, or how to type.

I know that all you positive people out there have to have your bad days, and this is one of mine. I keep telling myself this is only temporary, and things will seem better in a day or two. I know myself well enough to know that there are days when I barely feel like speaking, and everything I see on TV or the internet is negative (especially with politics), and I also know that I am greatly affected by other people’s moods.

So here is my positive spin on my ho-hum day!


*courtesy of a random Pinterest scroll*

I will just have to try again tomorrow!