What I would go back and tell my teen self!

Adulting is HARD!

  • Stop wishing you were older. When you are 10, you can’t wait to be 13. When you’re 13 you can’t wait to be 16. When you’re 16, you can’t wait to be 18. And when you are 18, you can’t wait to be 21! You’ve just wished away 12 years dummy! Now there is no going back!

Story of my life:

  • All those plans you made, prepare for them to be completely rearranged! Life has it’s own morbid sense of humor!

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  • You might think you have it all together, but trust me you don’t!

In general, you've really figured out this whole ~grown-up life~ thing.:

  • All those things Mom and Dad told you about “everyone is not your friend”, and “you have to learn to be your own person, don’t follow the crowd”. Take that as the gospel sweetie!

Friends are like boobs:

  • And finally…look out for the kids. They can be a shady pair!

For real though :